Artūras Mickus

Date of birth: 1965-08-03
Scientific degree: Ph. D.
Academic title: Assoc. prof.
E-mail: arturas.mickus@vdu.lt


(2009) Associated professor of natural science.
(1993 – 1997) Ph. D. of natural science. Ph. D. Thesis “Ion Beam Activated Processes During Physical Vapor Deposition on Silicon”. Vytautas Magnus University (VMU) and Physics Institute of Lithuanian Academy of Sciences.
(1986 – 1991) Department of Quantum Electronics, Faculty of Physics at Vilnius University. Physicist, Laser physics.


(1998 – present) Department of Applied Informatics at VMU (part time).
(2013 – present) Lithuanian Innovation Centre, consultant (full time).
(2002 – 2012) Kaunas High–Tech & IT Park, deputy director for science & technology – project manager.
(2000 – 2007) Head of Distance Education Centre at VMU.
(1997 – 1998) Department of Physics at VMU, Doctor, lecturer.
(1993 – 1997) Department of Physics at VMU, Ph. d. student.
(1991 – 1992) Department of Physics at VMU, research fellow.
(1990 – 1991) Lithuanian Energy Institute, research fellow.
(1988 – 1990) Laser Research and Technology Centre at Vilnius University, assistant.
(1984 – 1986) Soviet army.


I. Modern Information Techonologies: 1. Modern Information Technology for Small and Medium Business; 2. Modern Distance Education Technologies.
II. Mathematical and computer simulation of physical processes in the following fields:
III. Experimental physics.



  1. “Informatics” – I year students, BS studies.
  2. “Computer Architecture” – II year students, BS studies. 1998 – 2009.
  3. Parallel and Distributed Computing“ – MS studies students. 2000 – 2005.


1. Cambridge: Entrepreneurchip centre University of Cambridge, St. John‘s Innovation Centre, Cambridge Science Park, Cambridge Vision Park, SQW Ltd .
2. Oxford: Oxford Innovation Ltd., OxfordSciencePark.
3. Worwick:Warwick university SciencePark, BarclaysVentureCenter.
4. Surrey: Surrey Research Park, Angle Technology Ltd., South East England Development Agency, Surrey Enterprice Hub.
5. Manchester: University of Manchester, Manchester Science Park, Campus Venture Ltd.
1. Milano: San Rafaele Biomedical SciencePark.
2. Bergamo: BergamoSciencePark.
1. Tampere: Tampere Technology Centre Hermia;
2. Turku: TurkuSciencePark.
Klagenfurt: Klagenfurt university; LakesideScience & TechnologyPark.
Beijing.ZhongguancunSciencePark, TsinghuaUniversitySciencePark, Tsinghua Business Incubator.
South Africa Republic:
Pretoria.University of Pretoria, University of Tshwane, Pretoria Innovation HUB.
Dubay: Dubay Technopark.


1. EU structural fund (2007-2013) ESFA & LVPA programme project Innovative business promotion – INOVEKS”, 2014-2015.
2. EU structural fund (2007-2013) ESFA programme project “Knowlege based entrepreneurship promotion INOSTART”, 2012-2014.
3. EU structural fund (2007-2013) ESFA programme project Intellectual business laboratory „InoLab”, 2012 – 2014;
4. EU structural fund (2007-2013) ESFA programme project  „Students entrepreneurship development in an integrated science, study and business centres (Valleys) – START”, 2011 – 2014;
5. Lithuania – Belarus Cross Border programme project“LT.InnoConnect.BY”, 2011-2013.
6. EU structural fund (2007-2013) „INOGEB LT1“ programme project Space for knowledge and innovation dissemination”. Coordinator – Kauno regional science park. Partners: Vilniaus, Kaunas, Klaipėda science and technology parks. 2009 – 2011.
7. EU structural fund (2007-2013) „INOGEB LT1“ programme project „INO – NET“. Coordinator – LIC, partners – 6 Lithuanian science parks. 2009 – 2011.
8. EU structural fund project “Integral Development of Lithuanian Distance Learning System Activity“, 2005 – 2008.
9. EU structural fund project „Innovative development of IT skills in post graduate studies“, 2005 – 2008.
10. PHARE 2002 programme project “Business GIS ”, 2005-2006. Coordinator dr. A. Mickus.
11. PHARE 2002 programme project Formation and Testing Service Packages for Science & Technology Parks. 2005 – 2006. Coordinator – LIC, partners – 6 Lithuanian science parks and German consultants.
12. PHARE 2000 programme projectPromotion of Competetiveness and Financial Discipline for Enterprises in Lithuania, 2002 – 2003; Prepared “Strategical Business Plan of Development for Kaunas High – Tech & IT Park“ in cooperation with „PE – International Ltd“ (UK).
13. Project of Lithuania Republic Ministry of Education and Science „Preparation of ICT implementation strategy in Lithuanian vocational training system. 2003.
14. UNDP programme project “Capasity Building of Lithuanian Women Through ICT & Networking“. Coordinator Kaunas WEIC. Partners – VMU. 2003 – 2005.
15. Socrates/Minerva programme project Web Dance 2002-2004. Partners – Hertfordshire University, UK, VytautasMagnusUniversity, LT, Cyprus University (CY), CONCEPTUM Multimedia company, Athens (GR), MiraLab Multimedia company, Geneva university (CH). Coordinator – Aegean university, Greece (GR)
16. Grundtvig 3 programme project “Key Skills in Lifelong Learning2002, Partners – Holland, Hungary, Denmark, Lithuania. Coordinator Viittakivi International centre, Suomija.
17. Leonardo da Vinci programme project Small and Medium Business Information Technology Education (SAMBITE) (Nr.. LT/99/1/088108/PI/I.1.1.b/FPC) 1999/2001. Partners – Middlesex University, UK, KielceUniversity of Technology, Poland, Kaunas Chamber of CIC (LT). Coordinator dr. A. Mickus. VytautasMagnusUniversity


1. NATO Science for PeaceGuided Biodegradation of Accidental Oil and Chemical Spills (GBAOCS). Partners: ColoradoSchool of Mines (USA), VMU and LUA, (LT). 1998.
2. EU structural fund project Implementation of Information Infrastructure for E-Government and E-Business”;
3. EU structural fund project Development of National E-Signature system & E-Services infrastructure”;
4. EU structural fund project Development of Kaunas High-Tech & IT Park physical infrastructure;
5. EU structural fund project VMU E-library and Distance Education Centre Development“;
6. The Six Framework Programme project „ Licence to Win“. Project coordinator: Finland. Partners: Spain, Ireland, Germany, Greece, France, Lithuania, Bulgaria.
7. The Six Framework Programme project „KNOWING“. Project coordinator: Spain. Partners: UK, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, IASP.
8. The Six Framework Programme project „Trans Continental Intelligence Network“. Project coordinator: Turkey. Partners: UK, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kirgizia.
9. PHARE 2002 programme projectEntrepreneurship training for innovative companies”. Project coordinator – KHT&ITP, Partners: Kaunas city municipality, VMU, JCS „KTC&BN“, „C.Monck Associates Ltd.“ (UK).
10. PHARE 2002 programme project “Encouragement of Innovative Companies Promotion in Kaunas City”, Project coordinator – KHT&ITP, Partners: Kaunas city municipality, VMU, „Tampere HERMIA Research Centre“(Finland).



Have been announced 30 scientific papers and conference thesis in different foreign and Lithuanian publications


Member of International Association of Science Parks; Lithuania Distance Education Network (LieDM); Association of Physicists at LithuaniaScienceAcademy.