Ričardas Krikštolaitis

Date of birth: 1972-11-09
Title: Professor, Dr.
E-mail: ricardas.krikstolaitis@vdu.lt


(2001) PhD in Physical science (mathematics, 01P) (Vytautas Magnus University)
(1996) MSc in Applied Mathematics (Kaunas University of Technology, Faculty of Fundamental Sciences)
(1994) BSc in Informatics (Kaunas University of Technology, Faculty of Informatics)


(2012 – present) VMU Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Professor
(2012 – present) VMU Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Head
(2010 – 2014) VMU Energy Security Research Centre, Senior Researcher
(2006 – 2010) VMU Office of Students Affairs, Director
(2005 – 2012)  VMU Department of Mathematics and Statistics, associated professor
(2002 – present) Lithuanian Energy Institute, Laboratory of Nuclear Installation Safety, Senior research associate
(2001 – 2005)  VMU Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Lecturer
(1997 – 2001)  VMU Department of Mathematics and Statistics,  Assistant
(1996 – 2002)  KTU department of Applied Mathematics, Assistant



Language Understanding Speaking Writing
Listening Reading Spoken interaction Spoken production
English B2 Independent user B2 Independent user B2 Independent user B2 Independent user B2 Independent user
Russian C1 Proficient user C1 Proficient user B2 Independent user B2 Independent user B2 Independent user


Statistical data analysis, Energy security, Reliability and risk analysis of energy system


1. Mathematics
2. Mathematical Analysis.
3. Mathematical Analysis 2, 4.
4. Methods of Statistics in Economics
5. Econometrics (master students, PhD students)
6. Data analysis methods.


2005 06 – 2005 12 European Commission Joint Research Centre Institute for Transuranium Elements, Karlsruhe (Germany)


1. HORIZON2020 project “Keep the Energy at the right place! (EnergyKeeper)” (2017-2019).
2. “Renewal of safety reports and internal emergency preparedness plans for oil terminal and liquefied natural gas terminal of SC “Klaipėdos nafta”, SC “Klaipėdos nafta” (2016-2017).
3. COST action CA15109 “European Cooperation for Statistics of Network Data Science” (2016-2020).
4. HORIZON2020 project “Role of technologies in an energy efficient economy – model-based analysis of policy measures and transformation pathways to a sustainable energy system” (REEEM) (2016-2019).
5. HORIZON2020 project “Baltic Region Initiative for Long Lasting InnovAtive Nuclear Technologies” (BRILLIANT) (2015-2018).
6. “Renewal of Lithuanian Energy Strategy”, Ministry of Energy (2015).
7. 7BP Project “Learning and Execution of Action Categories (ACAT)” (2013-2016).
8. National research programme “Future Energy” supported by Research Council of Lithuania “Investigation of Lithuanian energy security and energy security level assessment” (2012-2014).
9. “Energy efficiency in National Defence System”, Ministry of National Defence Republic of Lithuania (2012).
10. Lithuanian–Belarus Partnership Programme for Bilateral Cooperation in the Field of Science and Technologies supported by Research Council of Lithuania “Comparative Assessment of Energy Security in Lithuania and Belarus:A Cross-disciplinary Study” (2011-2012)
11. “Update and Complement of Assessment of Potential Visaginas NPP Construction Sites in Respect of External Events” (JSC Visaginas NPP) (2010-2011)
12. National research programme “Future Energy” supported by Research Council of Lithuania “Development of methodology for Energy security analysis and integrated security level assessment” (2010-2011).
13. “Assessment of Potential Visaginas NPP Construction Sites in Respect of External Events” (JSC Visaginas NPP) (2009)
14. FP7 Project “Security of Energy Considering Its Uncertainty, Risk and Economic Implications (SECURE)” (2008-2010).
15. IAEA funded project “Small reactors without on-site refuelling”, (2007-2008).
16. Leonardo da Vinci project „European Energy Supply Security Management Coordinators UNDER way towards STANDard indicators for continuous VET” (UNDERSTAND) (2006-2008).
17. Development of methodology for district heating network reliability analysis and pilot study of district heating network reliability (SC Kauno energija) (2006)
18. Reliability evaluation of power transmission network (JSC Lietuvos energija) (2003-2005, 2006-2007).
19. Risk estimation of petrol transportation systems (2004).
20. Development of Selected Parts of Ignalina NPP Safety Analysis Report. (2002)


2016 – C7-RER-9.133/001 IAEA Regional Training Course on Seismic Safety for Nuclear Installations: from Hazard Assessment to Structural Analysis “HASANI”, Pavia, Italy, 7-11 November.
2016 – “Energy Security: Diversification, Sustainability and Security – Lithuanian and Sweden Policy Responses”, House of Europe, Stockholm, Sweden, 28 April 2016.
2016 – „Electrical Infrastructure Protection in the Baltic Sea Region”, NATO ENSEC COE Vilnius, Lithuania. 2016 kovo 15-16 d.
2016 – International conference “European Energy Union: Why Do We Need It and How Can We Make It Work?”, Kaunas, Lithuania. 27-28 January.
2015 – „Safety of Critical Infrastructures – An Overall Approach“, 17,19 November, Kaunas.
2015 – SSARS 2015. 9th Summer Safety and Reliability Seminars, June 21-27, 2015, Gdańsk/Sopot-Jelitkowo, Poland
2015 – Horizon2020 Training for the researchers and entrepreneurs in the energy field, 29 May, Kaunas.
2015 – ENSTTI (European Nuclear Safety Training & Tutoring Institute) Training “Probabilistic Safety Assessment”, May 18-22, 2015, LEI, Kaunas.
2015 – Critical Infrastructures Protection – Overview on Modelling, Simulation & Analysis, gegužės 5-7 May, VDU.
2014 – JRC workshop „Energy Security Research meeting“. 4 July 2014 Riga, Latvia.
2014 –“Risk Assessment and Modelling Tools and Monitoring needed”, 29 April, Kaunas
2013 – Energy Security Training Analysis Workshop of the NATO Energy Security Centre of Excellence, 10 – 12 December, Vilnius.
2013 – „Training for EURATOM participants and NCPs“. 27-28 May, Kaunas.
2012 – Conference on Energy Security: Outlook & perspectives in the Baltic Sea region, 15-16 November, Vilnius.
2012 – International Concept Development and Experimentation Conference. NATO HQ SACT and US Joint Staff’s leading annual forum. 6-8 November, Vilnius.
2012 – Training course “Proposal preparation” devoted to the FP7 Energy subject, organized by Science, Innovation and Technology Agency and delivered by Pera Technology, 8-9 May, Kaunas, Lithuania.
2011 – German-Baltic Strategy Talks “International cooperation for energy security”, 10 June, Vilnius, VU TSPMI.
2011 – ICAE 2011, Third International Conference on Applied Energy “Energy Solutions for a Sustainable World” – 16-18 May 2011 – Perugia, Italy.
2010 – Workshop „The Politics and Economics of European Energy Security“. Energy Security Unit of the Institute for Energy of the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, Amsterdam, November 18-19 2010
2010 – OSCE special expert meeting on assessing the OSCE’s future contribution to international energy security co-operation. 13-14 September 2010, Vilnius
2010 – 11th IAEE European Conference „Energy Economy, Policies and Supply Security: Surviving the Global Economic Crisis“. 25-28 August 2010, Vilnius, Lithuania
2010 – NATO Industrial Planning Committee, Vilnius, November 11-12, 2009
2009 – RER/9/095 IAEA Regional Workshop on “ Harmonization of PSAs“ , Kyiv, 16-20 February 2009
2008 – ESREL 2008 & 17th SRA Europe, Valencia
2006 – Fifth International Conference on Simulation in Risk Analysis and Hazard Mitigation „Risk Analysis V“, Malta
2004 – New Economic School, “Binary Choice Models“, Vilnius
2003 – Training Programme on Risk Informed In-service Inspection for Nuclear Power Plant, 18-19 March, Vilnius, Lithuania.
2002 – Human reliability analysis methods and applications, Vilnius, Lithuania. 19-23 August.
2001 – New Economic School “Financial markets“, St.Petersburgh, Russia.
2001 – New Economic School “Introductory Econometrics“, Vilnius.


Member of Vytautas Magnus University Senate, Head of Research committee.
Member of Informatics faculty council, Vytautas Magnus University.
Member of Scientific Areas in physical and biomedical sciences committee, Vytautas Magnus University
MC member of COST Association COST Action CA15109 “European Cooperation for Statistics of Network Data Science“ (2016-2020)
Member of Lithuanian mathematical association
Member of Lithuanian statistics association
Expert of Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education (2007, 2014)
Expert of Research Council of Lithuania (2009)