.Letter from the Rector (Changes of the Academic Calendar)

Dear members of the community,

Two weeks have passed since the enforcement of quarantine in the country and since Vytautas Magnus University’s move into the virtual world. During this period, we have been not only learning to adapt to the new routines but also working to ensure continuous processes of studies and research: this has required a great deal of physical, mental, and psychological effort. I would like to thank all of you for staying focused, keeping the community spirit up, and, most importantly, taking care of the people around you that are in need of a helping hand.

Over this period, our community has started working remotely. In the VMU remote studies environment, about 1,650 lectures of study subjects have been organised, the videolecture rooms have been used by about 1,400 lecturers and students, about 1,000 lecture videos have been created, and the members of our community have provided help to 300 schools (by organizing online seminars and building a distance learning infrastructure). The initiative “University at Home” continues to be a success and has been joined by many people of VMU.

The situation in the country and the world remains uncertain, so the process of studies will continue to be organised remotely. In today’s meeting of the Rector’s Council, we have approved the following changes of the academic calendar:

  • Students’ holidays – 9-15 April
  • Planned exam session – 8 June – 3 July
  • Defense of final theses – 8-23 June
  • Diploma Award Ceremony –1-3 July
  • Last day of the semester– 3 July

Information will be continuously updated on the university’s website in accordance with the latest news.

Lab work and practice activities in the university’s buildings are suspended. It will be possible to resume them when the quarantine ends in the country. We understand that every case is different, so if you have any additional questions, please contact the representatives of your faculty or the heads of the departments or study programmes.

As one of the largest academic communities in the country, we consider it a high priority to maintain contact and communicate with one another, ensuring that everything is working smoothly. Any and all questions are welcome, as well as opinions and proposals: let’s look for solutions together. Humanist and democratic values, responsibility, and independence are currently being put to the test; for this reason, all of our efforts matter.

Yours sincerely

Rector Juozas Augutis