Additional consultation time survey


Hey, student

Have you ever been unable to ask your study questions because a lecturer did not have enough time to answer them? Or maybe you could not stand any longer queuing in front of other students to talk to him / her? Or have you ever faced the lecturer who was busy before, during and after the lectures and who asked you to send all your questions by email even though the question itself required deeper verbal conversation? 

If you have answered “yes” to any of the above, maybe you are lacking verbal consultation time. To admit the fact that you need extra time to speak to your lecturer is not a shame, but YOUR right! 

For this reason, please fill out a 1-MINUTE short anonymous survey to find out the demand of how much extra verbal consultation time you need in your field of studies. The deadline for this survey is until 8th of April (including). So HURRY UP!

Sincerely and have a lovely week!

Justas, the member of Student parliament