Application for Accommodation for 2020/2021 Spring Semester

Vytautas Magnus University has opened an application for new incoming international students for accommodation in the dormitories of VMU during 2020/2021 Spring semester.

Terms and conditions for application

In order to reserve a place of residence in one of the dormitories of VMU, all new incoming first-year, full-time, Erasmus+, Bilateral or other international exchange students must follow this procedure:

  • learn about our dormitories, its’ location, price for accommodation services, living conditions, etc. (Dormitories);
  • create a personal account on the online accommodation system (Accommodation for others). Exchange students may use their Username  / Password that they created to apply for exchange studies at VMU;
  • login to the online accommodation system (Accommodation for others) with your personal credentials (username and password) and reserve one of the places from the provided list on Accommodation in Student Rooms(Number of places in the dormitories is limited, however, the list is constantly updated, therefore it is recommended to check it regularly).
    • Note, that application is open only for students, who have already signed their Learning or Study Agreements (for more information about signing it, please contact International Cooperation department);
  • receive an e-mail from VMU with confirmation of your reservation. This e-mail means, that room of your choice will be reserved for you until 31st of January, 2021;
  • receive a second e-mail from VMU with instructions on how to sign your online Agreement for Accommodation, sign it, and move into the dormitory by January 31st, 2021 (if you are planning to move-in after the 31st of January, 2021, you shall contact Student Centre by sending an e-mail to and inform about your intended date of arrival. In all cases you will have to pay accommodation fees starting from 1st of February, 2021), otherwise your room reservation will be canceled.

If you want to cancel reservation please get in contact with Student Centre (see contacts below).

Other, non-VMU, students could apply for accommodation in the dormitories of VMU:

  • In the dormitories, which are located in Kaunas and Akademija, Kaunas dstr. – application will be open only from February 1st, 2021;

In the dormitory, which is located in Vilnius, application will be open only from January 15th, 2021

Procedures of moving into the dormitory

In order to ensure safety of residents and staff members while preventing the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) and managing it within the dormitories of Vytautas Magnus University, we kindly ask our students who are moving into the dormitory for a first time, to be reasonable and socially responsible:

  • fill out the online Arrival Registration Form and send your travel tickets to at least one week before the arrival. After the online registration VMU International Cooperation Department informs each student regarding the self-isolation requirements in accordance with the decisions of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania;
  • register at National Public Health Centre under the Ministry of Health by filling in an electronic form on before the arrival;
  • follow instructions of administrative staff members of Vytautas Magnus University;
  • isolate yourself in the dormitory, allocated by Vytautas Magnus University and follow mandatory conditions of self-isolation (if needed).

Upon your arrival (moving into) at the dormitory’s Administration you shall:

  • when entering the building, always use the hand sanitizer at the entrance;
  • allow your body temperature to be checked;
  • sincerely answer questions from the Administrator of Dormitory. Monitor the list of countries effected by coronavirus (COVID-19) regularly and inform the dormitory administration immediately if you return from them;
  • follow recommendation for COVID-19 prevention in the dormitories of VMU (if you do not need to isolate yourself).

Check-in procedure

Dormitory registration is open 24/7. Check-in to the dormitory is allowed from 14:00 (2 PM). However, upon the personal request of a resident and availability of the room, the responsible officer of the University (Dormitory) Administration has a right to change the check-in or check-out time. If you want to use this opportunity please contact Administrator of your dormitory, whose contacts may be found here.

During the check-in to the dormitory resident must:

  • have been signed an electronic Agreement for Accommodation;
  • present valid personal ID document, which confirms one’s identity;
  • have beddings (pillow, blanket, covers) or ask for it at Administration (of the Dormitory) who will provide you it. NOTE, that 20 EUR fee for bedlinen will be added to your accommodation fees if you will take it from the Administration.

IMPORTANT: there is a non-refundable fee (Settlement fee) of 10 EUR for residents who are moving into the dormitory. This fee will also be added to your next month’s fees for accommodation.

Accommodation fees for current month and other fees for services, that are related to accommodation in the dormitories of VMU, has to be paid by 15 (fifteenth) calendar day of each month when paying for an entire month in advance. The invoice will be prepared and presented on Student Self-Service portal in the beginning of each month for whole current month and must be paid via Student Self-Service portal.

For more information:

Student Centre (Student Affairs Department)
Phone +370 37 751 175