Important Information about the Study Process

Dear community of Vytautas Magnus University,

In response to the increasingly complicated situation in Lithuania due to the risk of COVID-19, based on the recommendations by the Minister of Education, Science, and Sports, the Minister of Health, and the state-level emergency operations manager regarding the remote implementation of the study process by higher education institutions, and after taking into account the proposals by the academic subdivisions of VMU regarding the organisation of studies, the following changes will be introduced in the organisation of studies and work at Vytautas Magnus University:

  • From Monday 26 October, all activities of studies, except for those that require special equipment or infrastructure and except for those that were specified by the subdivisions of studies as required to be completed face-to-face due to practical work, will be conducted remotely.
  • From Tuesday 3 November, all activities of studies, except for laboratory and practical work that requires special equipment, will be conducted only remotely.

This study semester is planned to be completed remotely.

Students who require special software in order to ensure high-quality study process will be provided the pertinent information in the beginning of next week.

We kindly request the non-academic subdivisions to organise the implementation of their principal functions in a manner which enables the assurance of the employees’ safety: to limit the subdivision’s employees’ physical contact not just with the visitors but also with colleagues from other subdivisions as well as unnecessary visits in the University’s other subdivisions or locations. Also, together with the subdivisions’ heads, discuss the possibility of organizing work remotely if the implementation of the job functions does not require arrival at the University and the conditions for remote work are appropriate.

The information will be constantly updated based on the situation. You can also follow the information on a special page of the university’s website.