VMU Alumni Day 2020: Strengthened Communication with the Alumni

While continuing traditions, on November 13th, 2020, Vytautas Magnus University invited its graduates to remember their Alma Mater. Due to the difficult pandemic situation in the country, Alumni Day was celebrated through the remote communication platforms. The main theme of this day was to emphasize the importance of physical, but not social distance, by remembering the initiative “Mind the Gap”.

This year, not only Lithuanian but also foreign graduates were invited to meet virtually in order to create a closer cooperation and stronger connection with them. For this reason, discussion on the topic “University in Transition: Raising Questions – Sharing Visions” was organized, during which the Assoc. Prof. and Vice-Rector for Communication, Mrs. Vilma Bijeikienė presented University Strategy 2021-2027, that is still in preparation. Alumni and community members were invited to discuss, provide insights and comments on it. Moreover, together with Camille Le Blanc, Coordinator for International Alumni Community, discussion was initiated on how to build an effective collaboration between the University and its alumni.

During the virtual meeting graduates from all around the world shared their thoughts on the importance of feeling of being a full-fledged and constantly remembered member of the community, that would always have an opportunity to return to VMU.

Taking into account opinions, which were expressed during the discussion, as well as alumni requests and observations, it is expected to start expanding the network of VMU ambassadors in the nearest future, by refining possible activities and opportunities, initiating more active dissemination of information in English, expanding the package of benefits for graduates, sharing information on VMU Alumni clubs and ways of joining it.

VMU Vice-Rector for Communication, Mrs. Vilma Bijeikienė has no doubts that graduates are an integral part of the University community, therefore, discovering community connections and ways of communication with them is very important. “I would like to believe, that VMU is not just a stopover in the lives of our students on their career path. We are a part of the learning society, so a lifelong learning and knowledge sharing is a mutually beneficial relationship, which helps graduates to feel that the university is useful to them, and that they are also needed by the university itself”, – said V. Bijeikienė.

“The discussion organised during the Alumni Day, was only the first step in trying to reach our international alumni community, inviting them to join discussion with Lithuanian alumni and looking for common grounds. This meeting allowed us to enjoy a friendly and open communication, to hear expectations and discover new ideas, which could help us plan our future works. Now, our most important task is to create an effective system of communication with graduates, to reach as many university graduates as possible, both in Lithuania and all around the world, and to invite them to join our alumni community”, – Vice-Rector shared her thoughts.

Mr. Andrius Būda, the President of VMU Alumni Club, also supported those thoughts and invited graduates of the University to join VMU alumni clubs.  “Vytautas Magnus University Alumni Club and other alumni organizations, operating at the faculty level, is a great opportunity to continue a close communication and cooperation with your classmates, colleagues, lecturers and the rest of the university, while creating various initiatives, organising meetings, establishing scholarships for students and so on”,  – said the President of VMU Alumni Club, Mr. Būda.

“We understand the importance of maintaining the closest contact not only with Lithuanian but also with international alumni communities, therefore we are currently paying particular focus on renewing the alumni base, planning next year’s activities and establishing communication tools which would help us to reach graduates of VMU, VMU Education Academy and VMU Agriculture Academy, as well as to maintain an effective and trust relationship with them”, – said Mr. Būda.

We invite graduates, who are wishing to become a member of Vytautas Magnus University Alumni Club to fill in the registration form.

If you have any questions, please contact the Coordinator for International Alumni Community, Camille Le Blanc Liederman by an e-mail: camille.le.blanc.liederman@vdu.lt