Talk by Sailesh Gurubhagavatula "Future mobile technologies and Past to future Journey!"

Talk by Sailesh Gurubhagavatula, Monday, Dec 1st, 18:00-20:00, Vileikos 8, 117 a.


Title of the talk:

Future mobile technologies and Past to future Journey!


Tentative content:

Saga of mobile telephony – Giant Killers to Fallen heroes…Lessons learnt

Art of plug-in to Emerging markets

How Baltic companies should groom them in connecting into Emerging markets


About the speaker:

Sailesh Gurubhagavatula is specialist in Technology and Business catering to ICT markets. Here is Sailesh’ s perspective on his company’s business:

Our core focus in business is, on scouting out for new trail blazers and trend setters. Innovations and out of the boxers thinker constitute our business DNA as well as core of our business philosophy. We help / Promote / groom companies in entering in to specific markets of their choices. We provide End-End support and walk long path with them until we feel they are ready go on their own. We do help with investors / funding to companies that fall with in our domain of businesses.We work globally with highly esteemed professionals.


S.G.’s Extended profile


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